XCST Elements Reference

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c http://maxtoroq.github.io/XCST source
a http://maxtoroq.github.io/XCST/application source

XCST Elements

Application Extension Elements

Data Types

These types are used to specify the allowed values of attributes.

name description
string Any string
boolean One of the values "yes", "no", "true", "false", "1" or "0".
integer An xsd:int
decimal An xsd:decimal
qname An xsd:QName
eqname An EQName
ncname An xsd:NCName
uri An xsd:anyURI
nmtoken An xsd:NMTOKEN
expression A C# expression
identifier A C# identifier
type_name A C# type_name
namespace_name A C# namespace_name
boolean_expression A C# boolean_expression
lambda_expression A C# lambda_expression
@T A C# expression that is implicitly castable to T, e.g. @IDictionary<String, Object>.

If a type is suffixed with an asterix (e.g. cdata-section-elements = eqname*) it indicates a whitespace separated list of values that conform to that particular type, e.g. cdata-section-elements='script style'.