Hello World 2.0

This is my second blog attempt. After falling in love with StackOverflow I decided I didn’t need my (first) blog anymore, SO provided a much richer interaction. When I had a question I would just ask it on SO. If I had an answer, I would look for the question, if found and no answer looked like mine I would post my answer. A couple of times I post a question just to post my own answer, but that didn’t feel right. With time SO got stricter on what kind of questions were allowed. Then came Programmers, but never really connected with it. I don’t understand why that site, created for programming questions not suitable for SO, has so many closed questions. What’s next? Programmers 2? I missed the freedom to just post anything I wanted, no rules, no scores, so here I am again. This time I’m much more skilled and experienced, so I hope to connect with a larger audience.