Too many reasons not to program

Too many languages, too many frameworks, too many devices, too many standards. Too much time wasted, learning, forgetting.

Too many tips, too many quirks, too many gotchas. Too many patterns to follow. Too much composition using languages designed for inheritance. Too many people not understanding REST.

Too many tools, too many packages, too many dependencies, too many breaking changes. It’s too hard. Too much programming? More generic software. Too much WordPress, too much PrestaShop.

Too many programmers don’t know how to program, too many employers don’t want them to learn. Takes too much time, too much money. Too many “Need programmer with no experience”.


Too many hours staring at a screen. Too much back pain. Too many emails, too many chats, too long since I had a friend.

Too many people have no clue about what I do. Too many cannot appreciate an elegant API or an efficient algorithm.

Too little pay for too much work. Too many programmers. Too many programs. To many reasons not to program.

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