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Programming is hard because our tools are bad. Even new technologies are based on old ideas. Code is not the answer, it’s the workaround. Classes is where code goes to die, where knowledge goes to waste. We spend too much time dealing with tools, writing code that gets rewritten after a couple of years. Declarative is the answer.

Over the years my application toolkit has mutated from VBScript/XSLT to JScript/XSLT to WebForms to Dynamic Data to MVC/ASPX to MVC/Razor to MVC/XSLT to MvcPages to XCST, the last two developed by myself. XCST is the culmination of a decade-long search for a sane, sensible, enjoyable and healthy language for application development, optimized for extensibility, composibility, reusability and markup.

I’m on a mission to help developers write more maintainable code. I’m not satisfied with something that just works. If the standard solution to a problem does not translate in elegant code I will look for a better solution, or develop an alternative myself. Because code spends most of its lifespan in maintenance mode, bad decisions made in the earlier stages of development can largely increase the costs of maintenance later.

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C#, XSLT, Relax NG, PowerShell, Semantic HTML, Structural typing, Hypermedia APIs.


JavaScript, VB, F#, XML data binding.