XCST (eXtensible C-Sharp Templates) is a language optimized for the production of XML and other formats. It’s a more general-purpose version of XSLT.

XCST compiles to C# or Visual Basic. The XCST compiler transforms XCST instructions to statements, using the expressions contained in the instructions. Here’s an example of an XCST module:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<c:module version='1.0' language='C#' xmlns:c='http://maxtoroq.github.io/XCST'>

   <c:import-namespace ns='System.Linq'/>

   <c:output method='html' indent='yes'/>

   <c:template name='c:initial-template' expand-text='yes'>
         <c:for-each name='n' in='Enumerable.Range(1, 5)'>


Notable XSLT features implemented in XCST

  • Packages and modules
  • Named templates, functions, attribute sets and output definitions
  • Template rules and shallow copy modes (XML only)
  • Strongly typed sequence constructors
  • Attribute and text value templates
  • Temporary trees
  • Maps and JSON serialization
  • Dynamic loading
  • Extension instructions

For more information see the documentation.

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